Song One is a smart chord sheet editor that makes creating and maintaining a collection of song sheets easier than ever before. It offers a wealth of features to help beginners learn new material, assist well-versed musicians in improving their songwriting skills and provides convenient access to large song catalogs during live performances.
Song One auto-creates customizable chord charts for any string instrument in any tuning. Song sheets can be transposed and auto-scrolled during live performances and controlled via MIDI or Bluetooth page turner pedals.
Content can be added to Song One from a variety of sources:
  • OnSong, SongSheet Pro and similar chord sheet editors
  • ChordPro-formatted files
  • PDF files
  • Paper documents (via the in-app image scanner)
  • Website content in ChordPro format (via the 'Add to Song One' Action extension)
  • Word processor files saved in RTF (rich text format) ot TXT (simple text format)
  • Any text copied to your device's clipboard
  • Image files (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF)
Song One's chord recognition capabilities are powerful enough to instantly generate chord charts from text-based PDF files. Chords do not have to be enclosed in square brackets to be distinguished from the lyrics. Added content can be enhanced with metadata, audio backing tracks, notes and annotations.
Chords can be autoplayed on a virtual keyboard or a virtual fretboard with high quality piano, church organ and guitar sounds. You can specify the fretboard's tuning and string count as well as the position of an optional capo.
A built-in chord recognition engine suggests chord types and inversions of the notes that are played on the virtual instruments.
A chord matrix makes it easy to add advanced chords with extensions to lyrics. If preferred, chords can be manually entered into the text editor to be auto-transformed into properly formatted chord symbols as you type.
An integrated circle of fifths is capable of creating harmonic fields of basic and extended chords that sound great together. Over 500 scales are selectable to help you get inspired and become a master of your instrument.
Text can be extracted from PDFs to create native Song One files. Native Song One files offer freely configurable themes, auto-formatting and auto-spacing of chord symbols, customizable chord diagrams and chord sheet transposition.
Sheet music can be scanned, tagged, organized and annotated. Automatic background sync via iCloud ensures easy access to your entire song catalog on all your devices.
Please note that the legitimate sale of sheet music is a vital part of an artist's livelihood. Song One provides you with the mechanism of importing text-based content and recognizing plain text chord symbols to auto-generate chord charts. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that you are not infringing upon intellectual property rights and that you are abiding by all copyright laws. Before adding any content to Song One from the internet be certain that you are in compliance with the website's Terms of Use.
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