Print Snapshots

A print snapshot is the song's print preview in 'Letter' (portrait) format. Print snapshots can be viewed when the play mode is active and 'Page Flip' has been selected in the app settings/preferences.

Print snapshots may be used to …

  • pre-determine the layout of the song in play mode.

  • view double-columned songs in play mode.

  • limit a song to a specific number of pages.

Activate print snapshots in Song One's app settings/preferences under 'Play Mode' > 'Print Snapshots'.

Set the check mark and ...

  • either select the 'Per Song' option if you wish to customize the layout of each song individually.

  • or select the 'Global' option to apply the same print settings to all the songs of a setlist.

To customize the layout of print snapshots tap/click on the paper icon with the three dots in the theme panel. (See Themes and Printing & Sharing to learn more.)

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