Nashville Number System

Song One can transform a chord sheet into the Nashville Number System format when Play Mode is active or when exporting/printing a song.

The Nashville Number System is used to transpose songs more easily. The root notes of chord symbols are transcribed as numbers which are based on the chord’s original position in the major key.

  • If the song is written in a minor key, Song One will follow the norm and calculate the chord numbers as if the song were written in the relative major of the selected minor key.​

To view songs in the Nashville Number System format perform a long tap/right click on the play button of the library panel and select Nashville № in the pop-up menu.

​The songs of your catalog saved in Song One's native format will now automatically be transformed whenever the play mode is active.

Note: A song can only be transformed into the Nashville Number System format if the song's original key has been specified in the song info panel. If none is provided the song will be displayed unaltered:​

See Song Info to learn how to specify the key of a song.

Accidental Signs

A chord that is not part of the major scale is transcribed by either adding a flat (b) or a sharp (#) accidental sign to its Nashville number. You may specify a preferred accidental sign for each song:

Tap/Click on the circle icon of the docked toolbar. (If the docked toolbar is not visible tap/click on the three dots in the right corner of the bottom toolbar.)

A circle will appear:

Tap/Click on the accidental sign in the center of the circle to toggle between the sharp ('#') and flat ('b') transcriptions.

To print/export a song in the Nashville Number System format select 'Nashville №' in Song One's export menu. (See Library Panel to learn more.)

After conversion there may appear an extra space between the Nashville number and the chord extension. This happens when the original chord symbol includes an accidental sign.

  • Transpose the original song to C major (or A minor) for optimal character spacing before printing/exporting a song in the Nashville Number System format.

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