Add to Song One Action Extension

Action extensions are used to share content between different apps. The 'Add to Song One' Action extension enables you to add ChordPro formatted content displayed in Apple's Safari browser to your song catalog.

Note: Alternatively you may also use Song One's 'Import Clipboard' menu option to import and auto-format text that you have selected in Apple's Safari browser and copied to your device's clipboard.

To import content via the 'Add to Song One' Action extension:

Open the webpage in Apple's Safari browser, tap on Safari's share icon and select the 'Add to Song One' Action extension from the share menu.

  • When ChordPro formatted content is not found you will have to select the specific text section you wish to import before launching the 'Add to Song One' Action extension.

If the action extension "Add to Song One" is not visible...

iOS "Edit Actions..." from the Share menu and enable the "Add to Song One" action.

  • If the Action extension cannot be found under "Edit Actions...", restart your iOS device. If restarting the device does not solve the problem, re-install Song One from the App Store.

macOS "More..." in the share menu, "Added Extensions" and add a check next to Song One.

The 'Add to Song One' Action extension looks for ChordPro syntax in the publicly accessible text section of a webpage.

A pop-up window allows you to review the identified ChordPro content:

Tap on 'Import' to add the clipboard content to your song catalog.

Tap on 'Cancel' to discard the clipboard content and close the Action extension.

Note: Before adding any content to Song One from the internet be certain that you are in compliance with the website's Terms of Use.

The content is automatically added the next time you open the Song One app (iOS) or when Song One is in the foreground (macOS).

Please note that the legitimate sale of sheet music is a vital part of an artist's livelihood. Song One provides you with the mechanism of importing text-based content and recognizing plain text chord symbols to auto-generate chord charts. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that you are not infringing upon intellectual property rights and that you are abiding by all copyright laws.

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