MIDI Chord Transcription

The MIDI note events of an external MIDI keyboard can trigger Song One's virtual keyboard. This allows you to auto-generate chord symbols to be added to your lyrics.

When MIDI is enabled Song One will monitor all 16 MIDI channels for incoming MIDI messages.

The notes played on an external MIDI Keyboard can be monitored when Song One's virtual keyboard is active. To do so:

Enable 'Display MIDI Notes & Chord Symbols' in Song One's settings/preferences.

Then activate Song One's virtual keyboard by tapping on the keyboard icon of the docked toolbar (see Virtual Keyboard to learn more).

Song One automatically identifies chords while you play notes on the external MIDI keyboard. Song One recognizes over 200 chord types and distinguishes between root positions, inversions and altered bass notes.

Most note combinations can form more than one chord. In the pop-up menu the first character of the chord symbol identifies the root note (see C, A, G above). If the root note is not the lowest note the chord's inversion is indicated underneath the chord symbol.

Choose a chord from the pop-up menu by tapping/clicking on it. Add the chord to the lyrics at the cursor position by tapping/clicking on the guitar pick icon above the keyboard.

MIDI Connection Issues

If a MIDI connection was unsucessfull try one of the following options:

  • Disconnect and reconnect the external MIDI keyboard and wait a few seconds.

  • Connect the MIDI keyboard to your computer device before launching Song One.

  • Make sure that the MIDI keyboard works in other apps that support MIDI.

Note: Song One only processes MIDI notes within the pitch range of the virtual keyboard. You may customize the pitch range in the 'Instruments' settings.

When an external keyboard fails to send a MIDI note-off event it can cause a note to play repeatedly on Song One's virtual keyboard.

To fix this it is necessary to purge all notes. Generate an 'All Notes Off' MIDI command by performing a long tap / right click / two finger tap on the sustain icon in the left corner of Song One's virtual keyboard.

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