Header Image

A header image can be added underneath the title/subtitle of a native Song One document to display a portion of a PDF or image file (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF).

Header images may be cropped, resized and annotated. Song One automatically adjusts the colors of a header image to the dark mode setting of the operating system.

Adding Header Images

To add a header image open the song editor's side panel:

Tap/Click on the vertical bar at the left side of the screen. (See Song Info to learn more.)

Tap/Click on the header image icon to the right of 'Subtitle' and select 'Add Header Image' from the pop-up menu.

A file browser opens to allow you to select the desired PDF or image file.

Once selected an image preview appears:

Drag the corners of the image preview to crop the image to the desired size.

Tap/Click on the checkmark in the lower right corner of the image preview window to add the image to the song.

The header image is automatically placed underneath the title/subtitle of the song. A slider appears to allow you to adjust the image size to the size of the lyrics.

Drag the slider up or down to adjust the zoom level of the header image.

The slider disappears when you tap/click outside of the header image.

Annotating Header Images

Tap/Click on the pen tip icon in the docked toolbar to access the annotation tools in the bottom toolbar. (If the docked toolbar is not visible tap/click on the three dots in the right corner of the bottom toolbar.)

The icons of the bottom toolbar will change:

Tap/Click on the icon to the left of the bottom toolbar and select an annotation type in the pop-up menu.

  • Select 'Pencil' to add handwritten notes.

  • Select 'Pen' to add drawings.

  • Select 'Ellipsis' to draw outlines to be auto-converted into ellipses.

  • Select 'Marker' to highlight areas.

Tap/Click on the pencil tip icon in the bottom toolbar to activate the annotation mode.

The scroll position of the song is locked in place whenever the annotation mode is active.

  • Deactivate the annotation mode and re-enable scrolling by tapping/clicking on the pencil tip in the bottom toolbar or by tapping/clicking outside of the header image.

Change the annotation type as needed while you add drawings to the image header:

Tap/Click on the colored dot in the center of the bottom toolbar to specify a color for a new annotation.

A color picker will appear to allow you to select the desired color:

Tap/Click on the pencil eraser icon and tap/click on an annotation to remove it.

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