Limited Access

By default songs are forwarded locked with limited access and are available for 3 days when AirDrop or email is used.

To customize the time period of limited access (or to forward your own songs unlocked without limitations) go to Song One's settings/preferences and make the desired selection in the 'Rights' category.

  • Locked songs with limited access cannot be edited, printed, shared or exported by the recipient.

  • Locked songs with limited access will be removed from the recipient's catalog when accessed after the specified time period.

The recipient of a locked song with limited access may ...

  • transpose the song,

  • reformat the chord diagrams by changing the instrument, string tuning and capo position,

  • customize the song's metadata,

  • add an audio backing track,

  • add the song to a set.

Songs with limited access display a clock icon in the song info panel:

Tap/Click on the clock icon to find out how long the song is available in your catalog.

Song One's limited access relates to the time and date provided by the recipient's computer device. Limited access DOES NOT provide you with the right to forward/use copyrighted material without the proper license(s). Contact your content provider to make sure that you are not infringing upon intellectual property rights before accessing, loaning and sharing content.

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