Section Labels/Tags
Song One uses labels/tags to format song sections. Section labels/tags are automatically added when importing songs in ChordPro format or whenever imported lyrics include common paragraph headers (e.g. 'Intro', 'Verse1', 'Chorus').
To add a missing section label/tag (or replace an existing one) place the cursor anywhere in the specific line. Tap/Click on the tag icon located in the left corner of the bottom toolbar and make a selection from the label/tag pop-up menu.
Song One places section labels/tags to the left of the lyrics. An exception is the 'Chord Chart' tag, which places an automatically updating chord chart within the lyrics. (See chord diagrams to learn more.)
On macOS you may also edit the section labels/tags with the help of the song editor's context menu:
Move the mouse arrow to the corresponding text line and click the right mouse button or tap on the touchpad of your Macbook with two fingers.
The 'Header' label/tag adds a 'Title' and 'Subtitle' section to the lyrics (including the titles entered into the song info panel).
You may add labels/tags that align with chord symbols by making a selection from the 'instrumental' submenu of the label/tag pop-up menu.
When using Song One on an iPhone the section labels/tags are displayed as icons instead of text to save space.
Remove a section label/tag by placing the cursor within the specifc line and select 'Remove' from the tag pop-up menu.
Lyrics sections that are identified with labels/tags are automatically formatted in a specific way (e.g. 'Title', 'Chorus'). Song One uses customizable themes to format the lyrics. (See themes to learn more.)

Section Template

A section template is a saved copy of all section labels/tags of a song. Use the section template as a frequently used model to structure and format a new song.
To create a template select a song from your library with a long tap/right click.
A pop-up menu appears:
Tap/Click on 'Create Section Template' to copy all section labels/tags of the selected song into Song One's section template.
To apply the section template ...
  • create a new song,
  • tap/click on the tag icon located in the left corner of the bottom toolbar,
  • select 'Template' from the section label/tag pop-up menu.
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