Song One's varispeed allows you to speed up or slow down the playback of a song. Varispeed may be used with or without backing tracks.

Speed adjustments can be made in real time without stopping the playback of a song. Song One will perform automatic pitch correction of backing tracks and auto-recalibration of all timeline events when varispeed is active.

Access the varispeed dial when the play mode is active. (See Play Mode to learn more.)

Tap/Click on the timeline icon of the play mode toolbar and then tap/click on the varispeed icon in the left corner of the timeline:

A dial pops up enabling you to adjust the playback speed:

As you move the dial to increase or decrease the playback speed Song One will automatically adjust...

  • the vertical scrolling speed of the lyrics,

  • the horizontal scrolling speed of the timeline,

  • the execution of all timeline events,

  • and the playback speed/rate of audio backing tracks (without affecting their pitch).

A separate 'Transpose Audio' button allows you to change the pitch of the audio tracks to match the singer's vocal range.

Tap/Click on the up (or down) arrow to increase (or decrease) the pitch of the song's backing track(s) by half a semitone (half step).

After adjusting the speed prevent accidental changes by activating the lock.

Note: The power/bypass button (top left) will continue to function when the lock is active.

Tap/Click on the 'x' (top right) to close the varispeed window. (The varispeed setting is automatically saved and recalled per song.)

In addition to using the dial you can also control the varispeed settings during playback via up/down arrow key commands. Go to Song One's settings and select this option in the 'Bluetooth & MIDI' section.

Note: The up/down arrow key commands will have no effect if you have locked a song's varispeed controls (see above).

  • Lock the varispeed setting of songs that have backing tracks with a constant tempo.

  • Unlock the varispeed setting of songs that are performed with a live drummer.

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