Scanning Documents (iOS)

On iOS Song One uses the device's camera to add scanned paper documents to your library. Scanned documents are saved as PDF image files and can be auto-scrolled, annotated and enriched with metadata.

Note: PDF images cannot be converted into a native Song file format. The recognition of chord symbols and the auto-creation of chord charts require text-based PDFs. (See import PDF documents to learn more.)

To scan a paper document tap/click on the inward pointing arrow in the upper left corner of the library panel. (If the library panel is not visible tap/click on the three lines in the upper left corner of Song One's main window.)

Select 'Scan Document' from the pop-up menu (only availlable on iOS).

When launching the scanner for the first time a pop-up dialog will ask for your permission to use the camera. (If the pop-up dialog is not shown go to Song One's app settings to grant your permission.)

Use the rear camera to take a picture of the desired paper document by tapping on round shutter button to the right.

Once the picture has been taken a preview of the scanned picture appears. Tap on the circled corners of the preview to adjust the perspective and crop the preview:

Tap on 'Keep Scan' in the bottom right to save the image. It will be minimized and displayed at the bottom of the window:

Tap on the save button to the right of the preview to add the scanned document to your Song One library.

  • Note: You may add scans before saving the document. Tap on the round shutter button to the right and restart the scanning procedure for additional pages:

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