PDF Files

Imported PDF files are not automatically transformed into the Song One format. Once a PDF file is added you may create a native Song One file if necessary. While both the native Song One files and PDF files can be used in the same song catalog they differ in the features they offer:

Keep the PDF file if you wish to add annotations to the page with an Apple Pencil.

Transform a PDF document into the Song One format to:

To import a PDF file click/tap on the inward pointing arrow in the upper left corner of the library panel. (If the library panel is not visible tap/click on the three lines in the upper left corner of Song One's main window.)

Select 'Import' from the pop-up menu. A file browser will appear to allow you to select the appropriate file.

Once a PDF file has been added to the song catalog it will open in Song One's main window. A PDF icon in the bottom toolbar indicates the document's format. A black lock in the upper right corner of the screen informs you that the document cannot be edited except for annotations.

To edit the text of an added PDF document convert it into the native Song One format by tapping/clicking on the Song One document Icon in the bottom toolbar. A split view will appear to allow you to compare the extracted text with the PDF document.

PDF files use text boxes to position the words. Single spaces which are used by traditional word processors to separate words (and to position the chords above the lyrics) are omitted from the PDF file format. This can lead to misalignments of chords (see large green frame above).

Use the chord reposition buttons in Song One's bottom toolbar (see small green frame above) to fix the misalignments while the split view is shown. (See song editor to learn more.)

Note: Some chord symbols in PDF documents may not be recognized during the conversion and will be omitted. Add missing chords with the help of the chord matrix.

Close the split view by tapping/clicking on the button with the checkmark at the top of the PDF page. The PDF document is discarded and the song is saved in Song One's native format. (Alternatively you can discard the edited text and keep the PDF file by tapping/clicking on the circled x.)

You have the option to export a native Song One document as a PDF document. However, this is not advisable if plan to re-import the document. A Song One generated PDF document includes chord symbols that are not saved in plain text format. If you re-add the exported PDF document to your song catalog Song One will not be able to generate chord diagrams.

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