To activate the metronome you have to specify the tempo of the song in the song info panel.

Enter the song's tempo in 'BPM' ('beats per minute'). The entered value will determine the speed of the metronome.

Alternatively tap/click on the tap icon several times in the desired speed to have Song One determine and fill in the tempo for you.

Start & Stop

Once the tempo has been specified you may start and stop the metronome by either:

... tapping/clicking on the metronome icon of the song info panel.

... or scrolling to the beginning of the song and tapping/clicking on the metronome icon of the song's pop-up window.

The song's pop-up window shows the song's key, capo position, time signature, tempo as well as the metronome icon:


Specify the time signature of the metronome in the song info panel (below 'Time'). The time signature represents the meter of a song in beats per measure.

The beats per measure value is expressed in two numbers separated by a slash. The first number represents the number of beats in each bar. The second number represents the note value that is equivalent to the beat (e.g. 2/4 means two quarter-note beats per bar).


By default the metronome produces a signal at quarter note intervals. You may specify a differnt value in the 'subdivision' field to increase or decrease the frequency of the metronome's signal.

Tap/Click on the three dots below 'Subdivision'. A pop-up menu will appear to allow you to select the desired value.

To enter a custom value tap/click on the three dots (or an already entered value) a second time.

  • Note: Custom values do not affect the frequency of the metronome's signals. (The metronome is only affected when a selection is made from the pop-up window.)

Customizing the Metronome

The 'Instuments' section of Song One's app settings provide you with the following options:

  • Change the sound of the metronome.

  • Accent the 1st beat of the metronome.

  • Make your iPhone vibrate when a metronome signal is sent.

  • Show a beat indicator at the top right corner of the screen.

  • Auto-activate the mentronome when a song is launched in play mode.

  • Generate a MIDI clock to sync external MIDI devices.

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