MIDI Foot Controllers

Song One's auto-scroll and page-flip mode are controllable with MIDI foot controllers via 'program change' or 'control change' (CC) messages.

When MIDI is enabled Song One will monitor all 16 MIDI channels for incoming MIDI messages. You may use MIDI foot controllers on a dedicated MIDI channel by making the appropriate selection in Song One's settings/preferences.

MIDI foot controllers can be connected wirelessly with Song One via Bluetooth MIDI. (See Bluetooth MIDI to learn more.)

Once you have connected your foot controller select its MIDI channel in the 'Trigger Arrow Keys Via MIDI' drop-down menu (app settings/preferences). Then select a desired MIDI message for each of Song One's arrow key commands.

Song One reacts to arrow key commands received via MIDI in the same way as to arrow key commands received via Bluetooth page turner pedals. (See Bluetooth Page Turners to learn more.)

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