Chromatic Tuner

Song One's built-in chromatic tuner allows you to practice your intonation when doing vocal exercises and enables you to tune string instruments.

Song One activates the microphone of your iOS/macOS device to monitor the wave frequency of incoming signals and determines the pitch. The tuner requires a monophonic signal (from a single voice/string) to yield accurate results.

To activate the tuner go to the Song Info panel and tap/click on the tuner icon to the right of the 'Tuning' label.

The chromatic tuner appears in the song info pop-up window:

Sing a note or pluck a string on your instrument to show the pitch of the signal picked up by your device's microphone.

The chromatic tuner displays the note that is closest in pitch to the incoming microphone signal. A moving needle indicates whether the incoming signal is 'sharp' (too high) or 'flat' (too low) in relation to the note. A perfect pitch is achieved when the needle is centered just underneath the note:

  • Tighten a plucked string if the needle is positioned left to the center.

  • Loosen a plucked string if the needle is positioned right to the center.

When tuning an electric guitar without an amplifier place your iOS device on top of the body of your guitar to boost the signal.

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