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⌘ C

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Zoom In

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⌘ Z


⌘ Z

Toggle Lock

⌘ L

Toggle Focus Mode

⌘ F

⌘ H


⌘ C


⌘ V

Select All

⌘ A

⌘ T

⌘ ↓

Insert Selected Chord

⌘ ↑

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⌘ ←

Reposition Cursor (Following Word)

⌥ →

Reposition Cursor (Preceding Word)

⌥ ←

Auto-Scroll (Play Mode)Arrow Keys

Jump (Backwards)

Start Playback

Jump (Forwards)

Next Song (Setlist)

Previous Song (Setlist)

Next Song (Setlist)

Page Flip (Play Mode)Arrow Keys

Jump (Preceding Page)

Start Playback

Jump (Following Page)

Next Song (Setlist)

Previous Song (Setlist)

Next Song (Setlist)

Bluetooth page turner pedals send the same 'up arrow', 'down arrow', 'left arrow' and 'right arrow' keyboard commands as a wireless bluetooth computer keyboard.

iOS identifies connected bluetooth page turner pedals as an external keyboard and will hide the iOS on-screen keyboard. When the iOS keyboard is hidden Song One displays a custom on-screen keyboard.

Disable Song One's on-screen keyboard when using an external Apple keyboard. Go to Song One's settings/preferences (under 'Devices' -> 'Mobile Devices') and deselect the option 'Show On-Screen Keyboard When Using Bluetooth Devices' .

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