SongSheet Pro

Song One can read exported SongSheet Pro files. The supported file formats include ChordPro (v5.0) or PDF files generated by SongSheet Pro. (See 'Avoid exporting files in the PDF format' at the end if this chapter.)

Song One automatically adds chord diagrams to imported songs that include chords. You may disable this feature or specify the tuning/string instrument to be used to generate the diagrams in Song One's settings/preferences:

To import a song tap/click on the inward pointing arrow in the upper left corner of Song One's main window. (If the library panel is not visible tap/click on the three lines in the upper left corner of the screen.)

Choose 'Import File' to select and add a single song exported by SongSheet Pro in the ChordPro v5.0 or the PDF format. (See text-based files and PDF files to learn how added songs are transformed.)

Importing Song Catalogs

Use the 'Import Folder' option to add a collection of songs exported from SongSheet Pro. Song One examines all the compatible files in the selected SongSheet Pro folder (including its subfolders) and imports them.

  • Exporting songs from SongSheet Pro:

  1. Select 'All songs' (by title or artist) in your SongSheet Pro library.

  2. Tap/Click on 'Edit' in the upper right corner to open the 'Select Songs' window.

  3. Tap/Click on 'Select all' in the upper left corner of the window.

  4. Tap/Click on the share icon.

  5. Choose the 'ChordPro v5.0' (or 'PDF') export format in the pop-up dialog.

  6. Choose (or create) a folder in the directory of your choice and export your songs.

  • Importing songs into Song One:

Choose 'Import Folder' in Song One's import menu and select the folder containing your exported SongSheet Pro files.

See text-based files and PDF files to learn how added songs are transformed.

  • Avoid exporting files in the PDF format:

Text-based PDFs have to be transformed into the native Song One file format to:

Only import songs into Song One in the PDF format if you wish to keep (or add to) your PDF annotations.

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