Certain features of Song One (version 5.2 or higher) can be controlled with MIDI foot controllers via 'MIDI Program Change' or 'MIDI Control Change' (CC) messages.
You may also trigger Song One's virtual keyboard with an external MIDI keyboard. This allows you to auto-generate chord symbols to be added to your lyrics.
Go to the app settings/preferences to enable Song One's MIDI functions.
When MIDI is enabled Song One monitors all MIDI ports and recognizes connected MIDI devices automatically. Once a connection has been made the MIDI messages are received instantaneously on all 16 MIDI channels.
MIDI devices may be connected to an iPad via the 'iPad Camera Connection Kit' adapter. Consult the user guide of your MIDI foot/keyboard controller to learn how to:
  • connect your MIDI controller to your computer device.
  • program your MIDI controller to send specific MIDI messages.

External MIDI Keyboards

The notes played on an external MIDI Keyboard may be monitored when Song One's virtual keyboard is active. To do so:
Enable 'Display MIDI Notes & Chord Symbols (Virtual Keyboard)' in Song One's settings/preferences.
Then activate Song One's virtual keyboard by tapping on the keyboard icon of the docked toolbar (see Virtual Keyboard to learn more).
If a MIDI connection was unsucessfull try one of the following options:
  • Disconnect and reconnect the external MIDI keyboard and wait a few seconds.
  • Connect the MIDI keyboard to your computer device before launching Song One.
  • Make sure that the MIDI keyboard works in other apps that support MIDI.
Note: Song One only processes MIDI notes within the pitch range of the virtual keyboard. You may customize the pitch range in the 'Instruments' settings.
Play the chords an octave higher on your external keyboard when they include notes below C3.

MIDI Foot Controllers

MIDI messages from foot controllers are monitored at all times.
Activate 'Trigger Keyboard Commands Via MIDI' in Song One's settings/preferences. Then select a desired MIDI message for each of Song One's keyboard commands.
Song One reacts to keyboard commands received via MIDI in the same way as to keyboard commands received via bluetooth page turner pedals. (See Bluetooth Page Turners to learn more.)
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